How to Refer

The Brent Sutter Sports Medicine Centre accepts all patients with an acute musculoskeletal injury, excluding fractures.  Examples of injuries would be ankle sprains, knee injuries, shoulder dislocations etc. 

The clinic is made up of a team of physiotherapists, Musculoskeletal physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons.  All referrals are triaged by an Orthopedic Surgeon and will be seen by the most appropriate practitioner. 

Patients can also self refer to our clinic by phoning 403-986-2446.  Our goal is to see patients within 7 days.  We will contact the patient with an appointment.

Appropriate patients include:

  • Acute injury (within 6 weeks)
  • No hand or back injuries
  • No underlying diagnosis of arthritis
  • No fractures or open wounds
  • No imaging required

Chronic injuries are not appropriate for this clinic.


How to refer:

1.  Fax a referral to 403-986-7258

2.  Phone the Orthopedic Surgeon on call

3.  Include:

  • Patient’s demographic information
  • Presumptive diagnosis
  • Referring practitioner
  • Referral letter or Ambulatory Care Record
  • If done, any relevant imaging


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