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What is the Brent Sutter Sports Medicine Centre?

We are a cutting edge sports medicine facility.  What makes us different is that we treat sports and activity related injuries early and aggressively so that they don’t become chronic injuries.

Our team is made up of Physiotherapists, Exercise Therapists, Musculoskeletal Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons and Bracing Specialists.  We have x-ray imaging on site, offer injections for pain relief and carry a selection of braces and splints.  All this to make sure we meet your needs.


What kind of injuries do you treat at the Brent Sutter Sports Medicine Centre?

We treat almost every sports or activity related injury – in everyone from the recreational to elite athlete.  We treat sprains, strains, twists, all sorts of pains and even concussions.  Call us at 403-986-2446 for more information.


What should I expect from my visit?

You will have a full assessment by one of our advanced practice physiotherapists specializing in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and sports related injuries.  Expect this assessment to take about a half hour.  We ask you to wear or bring shorts if you are having your knees examined and a tank top if it’s your shoulder.

Because we believe that for best results, rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible after injury, we will start you on your path to recovery at this appointment.  You will begin an exercise program tailored to your injury right away.  If you need to be seen by one of our Musculoskeletal Physicians or Orthopedic Surgeons, we will arrange for this in a timely fashion.  However, because you will already have a personalized program, no time will be wasted.


What are the advantages to your clinic?

The Brent Sutter Sports Medicine Centre offers what no other clinic does.  We have a team of highly trained professionals working closely together – committed to getting you the fastest return to function. 

Our physiotherapists have hundreds of hours of additional training and provide the highest level of musculoskeletal assessment possible.  They strive to provide the most up to date treatments available to get you the fastest return to function.

In having a diverse team, we are able to pair you up with the most appropriate health care practitioner.  This in turn gives you access to the highest caliber of therapists and physicians, on-site imaging, injections for pain relief and custom and off-the-shelf bracing or splinting. 


Is there a fee for coming to the clinic?

There is a fee of $100 for your initial triage assessment with physiotherapy which may be covered under your health benefits.  If the physiotherapist feels that you should be seen by one of our MSK physicians or an Orthopedic Surgeon, this will be arranged at no additional cost. We are able to direct bill a number of insurance companies and this can be determined at time of booking.  

If you have seen your family doctor and he/she feels that you need to be seen by an Orthopedic Surgeon or MSK Physician, then they are encouraged to make the referral on your behalf.  You will then be triaged accordingly.

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