CME Lecture Series

A free multidisciplinary Continuing Medical Education (CME) lecture series, with a focus on musculoskeletal health and injuries, offered to medical practitioners.

The series will be suitable for family physicians, sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, exercise and athletic therapists, kinesiologists and any other health care professional who treats MSK problems.

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2019 September

ACL Injury: Natural History and Surgical Reconstruction

Adam Kosak, MD FRCP(C)
2019 September Rotator Cuff Injury and Repair/SCR Murray Beuerlein, MSc, MD FRCP(C)
2019 July Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Matt Souster, MD FRCP(C)
2019 July Role of the Scapula in Shoulder Function & Dysfunction Shannon Murray, MScPT
2019 May MCL Injury Matt Souster, MD FRCP(C)
2019 May Shoulder Instability Keith Wolstenholme, MD FRCP(C)
2019 March Acromioclavicular Joint Injury and Its Treatment Cinzia Gaudelli, MD FRCS(C)
2019 March Ankle Injuries in Athletes (Ankle Sprains/Syndesmosis) Bryce Henderson, MD FRCS(C)
2019  January Shoulder Imaging Dave Malfair, MD FRCP(C), CAMIS
2019 January Compartment Syndrom in Athletes Lu Zhang, MD FRCP(C)
2018 September Throwing Shoulder Matt Souster, MD FRCP(C)
2018 September Sport Hernias Robert Korbyl, MD FRCP(C)
2018 July On-the-Field Injuries Khaled Al-Mansoori, MD FRCP(C)
2018 July Common Spine Injuries in Athletes Terance Robertson, CAT(C) Red Deer Rebels
2018 May Sports Nutrition Autumn Dyck, RDN Red Deer Nutrition
2018 May Elbow Dislocations and Common Elbow Fractures in Sports Cinzia Gaudelli, MD FRCP(C)
2018 March Ultramarathon Running 101 Murray Beuerlein, MD FRCP(C)
2018 March Current Evidence for Novel PT Therapies CBi (PT)
2018 January  Posterior Lateral Corner Injury Adam Kosak, MD FRCP(C)
2018 January Pediatric Knee Injuries Lisa Phillips, MD FRCP(C)
2017 November Hand Injuries in Athletes David McDonald, MD FRCP(C)
2017 November Meniscal Injuries and Their Repair Matt Souster, MD FRCP(C)
2017 September Sporting Wrist Injuries Cinzia Gaudelli, MD FRCP(C)
2017 September Common Tendon Pathologies (Quads/Bicep/Achilles/Patella)  Johan Myburgh, MB, ChB, CCFP MSportsMed
2017 July Articular Cartilage Injury of the Knee Keith Wolstenholme, MD FRCP(C)
2017 July Femoral Acetabular Impingement  Carlo Panaro, MD FRCP(C)
2017 May Patellofemoral Syndrome and Patella Instability Matt Souster, MD FRCP(C)
2017 May Exercise Physiology  Michael Souster, BSc. MSC, Peak Power
2017 March Ankle Injuries in Athletes (Lisfranc/OCD Talus/Achilles) Krish Maragh, MD FRCP(C)
2017 March Stress Fractures in Athletes  Tim Pearce, MD FRCP(C)
2017 January Knee Imaging Dave Malfair, MD FRCP(C), CAMIS
2017  January Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Their Treatment Adam Kosak, MD FRCP(C)
2016 November PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Keith Wolstenholme MD FRCP(C)
2016 November Injection Therapy Christopher Barnsdale MSC, MBBS, CCFP DIP Sport Med
2016 September Rotator Cuff Injury and Repair/SCR Murray Beuerlein, MSc, MD FRCP(C)
2016 September Concussions: Diagnosis and Management Nav Rattan, BSC, DPM, MD, CCFP, DIP Sport Med
2016 July The Role of the Scapula in Shoulder Function/Dysfunction Shannon Murray, MScPT
2016 July ACL Injury: Natural History and Surgical Reconstruction Adam Kosak, MD FRCP(C)
2016 May Acromioclavicular Joint Injury and Its Treatment Cinzia Gaudelli, MD FRCP(C)
2016 May Shoulder Instability Keith Wolstenholme, MD FRCP(C)
2016 March Ankle Injuries in Athletes (Sprains/Syndemsmosis) Bryce Henderson, MD FRCP(C)
2016 March MCL Injury Matt Souster, MD FRCP(C)




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